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Does Insurance Cover Virtual Dermatology?

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In many cases, insurance plans will cover some types of virtual dermatology, but it’s not always the most affordable option. Depending on your plan’s co-pay and co-insurance, using your health insurance plan for a teledermatology visit may be the same cost or more expensive than using an affordable telehealth service like DocBright.

How much does a virtual dermatology visit cost?

The answer depends on where you choose to get your virtual dermatology care, if you are using insurance, and what your plan benefits and out of pocket costs are.

When it comes to using DocBright for virtual dermatology, we can tell you that no matter what, you’ll always have the option to pay just $59 per submission.

If you want to check out how this compares to your other options with or without insurance, here are some tips:

  • Check your insurance card for out of pocket costs. Dermatology care falls under the “specialist” category, so your co-pay to see a dermatologist is often found on the front or back of your insurance card under “specialist.” The co-pay must be paid every time you see a dermatology provider in-person or via any type of telehealth. In some cases, this can be $0, but more often than not it’s $50-$100+.
  • What do other teledermatology platforms cost? You have options, and we always suggest exploring what’s out there so you get the best care possible at the most affordable price. We thoughtfully priced our service at $59 to be both affordable and competitive. Many platforms have a 48+ hour turnaround time, but with DocBright you can get care in as little as 24 business hours.
  • Consider your co-insurance or deductible. If your plan has a co-insurance or deductible, you may end up paying a larger portion of a visit cost. Be sure to check how this might stack up against simply paying $59 for a dermatology telehealth submission on DocBright.

Should I use my insurance for a telehealth visit?

The decision whether or not to use your health insurance for a telehealth visit is yours, but with DocBright, we can give you convenient, affordable care, without the guesswork. Care always costs $59 per submission and you’ll never pay additional fees after you submit your case (unless of course you come back later for additional care). So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get treated by the most caring online dermatology team?

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