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Schedule a Dermatology Telehealth Visit

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Are you looking to schedule a telehealth visit for your dermatology concern? Maybe you’re not sure about whether it’s best to see by an in-person dermatologist or a dermatology provider via a convenient telehealth platform like DocBright. You’ve come to the right place.

How to schedule a dermatology telehealth visit

Scheduling a telehealth visit for dermatology is easy:

  1. Find the best platform for your concern. There are many options when it comes to where you get telehealthcare. Some platforms require a live video visit or a phone call, and other platforms, such as DocBright, simply require a submission of your concern and some supporting photos.
  2. Wait for care, or get it right away! Depending on the platform you may need to make an appointment, request an appointment, or you can get care virtually immediately. With DocBright, you’ll wait less and get quality care sooner. Once you submit your case, you’ll have a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan ready for you within 24 business hours. It’s that simple.

Find a remote dermatologist

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding top-rated online dermatologists. That’s because DocBright providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure five-star patient care with every teledermatology case.

Our remote dermatology providers are practicing dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with ample dermatology experience. They’re trained and ready to care for your skin conditions with effective treatment plans for all ages and skin types.

How much does a dermatology telehealth visit cost?

The cost for a teledermatology visit depends on the platform you use, but at DocBright, it’s simple: all submissions cost only $59!

Wondering why a dermatology telehealth visit only costs $59 on DocBright? Check out our other post on that here!

In the meantime, if you’re ready get the most convenient, affordable, and efficient remote dermatology care on the planet, click the link below to get started.

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