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Submit Photos to a Dermatologist

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If you’ve heard the chatter of people submitting photos to a dermatologist and getting top-quality care without having to leave home, you’ve heard right. With teledermatology, remote care for your skin condition is easier and more convenient than ever before.

Can I send my doctor pictures of my skin?

Healthcare providers get the question all the time; their patients want to know if they can send over pictures of their medical condition, which is usually related to the skin.

Depending on how their healthcare professional operates, the answer may be yes or no. But what’s the best way to send photos? Email and texting can both be unsecured when not done properly, and in healthcare, security and privacy are extremely important.

That’s why at DocBright, we’ve built a HIPAA-compliant platform, which protects the security and privacy of the patients and providers who use the platform, so you don’t have to think twice when getting remote dermatology care online.

How do I take good photos with my phone that my doctor can review?

  1. Take pictures in a well-lit area: Make sure that the area of focus for the photo is lit well, and the colors on the image appear as they do in real life
  2. Focus the camera to ensure all the entire area of focus can be seen: Simply tapping on the screen of your phone in the area you would like to focus will get the job done
  3. Make any adjustments necessary to provide a complete view of the area of focus: After tapping the area of focus, sliding your finger up and down on the screen will adjust the lighting, if the image is not well-lit or is too bright. Additionally, sliding two fingers apart on your phone screen or pinching two fingers together will zoom in or out on your area of focus
  4. Review picture before sending or uploading: After taking pictures, review the photo to make sure there are no blurry areas and ensure the lighting and color match how the area of focus looks in real life. If necesarry, delete and retake the photos following the pointers above, to send a high-quality image that your doctor can use to provide a diagnosis.

Send photos to a dermatology provider

With DocBright, patients fill out a medical questionnaire and upload photos of their skin condition using our secure platform. Their information is then stored securely and accessible only by their provider after consent is given.

The benefits of using DocBright to send photos to a dermatologist or other healthcare provider aren’t only based on security, but also based on convenience, affordability, and effective care.

All DocBright patients benefit from:

  • The convenience of being able to submit their dermatology case and receive a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan all in one place.
  • A $59 flat-fee for all dermatology submissions, so you aren’t left wondering about co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and other hidden fees.
  • Our curated network of top-rated online dermatology providers, so that you don’t have to search for the right teledermatologist or wonder if your care will be effective.

Submit photos of your skin condition to a dermatologist

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