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Diet & Nutrition Telehealth

Consult with a Registered Dietitian online via Telenutrition.
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What's Included & When to Expect It

Get nutrition advice, healthy eating plans, and ongoing diet expertise online quickly.

  • Within 15 minutes

Your Registered Dietitian receives your submission securely.

  • Within 24 hours*

You'll get initial contact via email.

  • Within 5 Days

You'll receive a comprehensive written diet plan (if added).

  • Up to 7 days after submission

Send follow-up questions to be answered by your provider.

*Many diet and nutrition providers respond on weekends, but submissions submitted between 4pm on Friday and 9am on Monday may not be responded to until Monday.

**Additional fee applies for comprehensive written diet plan add-on. 

Diet & Nutrition FAQs

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the practice of healthcare via remote means such as live video chat or messaging. It may also include the exchange of photos.

Who can use DocBright for Diet & Nutrition consults?

Anyone can! It is useful for almost all diet and nutrition conditions and complaints.

What if I still have questions after my consult?

We pride ourselves on continued access to our providers, which means you can continue to contact your provider for up to 7 days after your submissions in case your condition changes, or you have questions or concerns.

What if I want to consult with my provider after 7 days?

Our providers are always acccessible for continued care, and they’d love to help. Ongoing consultation with your provider may require another submission or setting up care outside of DocBright and should be discussed between you and your provider.

What is “Store-and-Forward”

This term is used to describe Telehealth and Telemedicine methods where live video is not used. The patient submits information and the provider responds at a later time. Our SimpleSubmit is a Store-and-Forward Telehealth option.

What is Telehealth not effective for?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, or need a face-to-face in person visit, telehealth may not be the best option for you.

What if I am not sure if I need an in-person consultation?

You can always start with a DocBright submission so that you can establish a relationship with one of our top-rated providers and get intial care. Afterwards, you can always continue care virtually or in person with your provider.

I don’t have a web camera, can I still do a Telehealth visit?

Absolutely! Our SimpleSubmit technology doesn’t require any live interaction. All you need is access to internet. Your provider may schedule a phone call with you separately.

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