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Top Dermatology Telemedicine Sites

The best option for dermatology telemedicine
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Top Dermatology Telemedicine Sites

The best option for dermatology telemedicine 

There are a lot of options for getting remote dermatology care through telemedicine platforms and providers.

DocBright stands out among the options for best teledermatology platforms and services because of our affordabiliy, efficiency, and focus on patient care and service. Simply put, we care about you, and it shows in the experience we provide.

What is DocBright?

DocBright is a modern Telehealth platform built for patients and providers. Our goal is to give patients access to quality care without having to step foot in a medical office. DocBright was launched initially for Dermatology, but continues to add new specialties for our patients.

Our platform aims to be simple, secure, and thorough. Our providers are highly qualified and caring. We were founded by both patients and providers ensuring that we are always focusing on the improvement of healthcare.

What makes DocBright one of the highest-rated dermatology telemedicine platforms?

We put an emphasis on the patient experience like no one else does. From the moment you submit your case to us securely, we are finding ways to ensure a speedy review, and also ways to go above and beyond with your care.

You’ll notice that with every interaction between you and your provider or our Care Team, we are ensuring your satisfaction.

What are some of the other top dermatology telemedicine platforms?

We know there are many options, and you may be wondering why we would list our competitor sites for you. We are so confident that our experience, value, and overall care rivals our competitors, that we welcome you to explore other options before making a final decision on your care.

Remember to check out verified patient reviews on TrustPilot too!

Other dermatology telemedicine options include: 

  • Direct Derm
  • First Derm
  • Teladoc
What if I am not satisfied with my dermatology telemedicine experience on DocBright?

We’ve got you covered! We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your DocBright experience, that we always offer a no questions asked 100% money back gaurantee. Not happy with your experience, just contact us and let us know. We will do everything in our power to make it right, or we will issue you a full refund at your request.

Who are your online dermatologists?

DocBright prides itself on ensuring that patients using our platform are only connected with top dermatology providers in their field. Providers can either be dermatologists or physician assistants and nurse practitioners with ample dermatology experience and who are are under the supervision of a dermatologist.

You can rest assured that no matter who is reviewing your DocBright case, you’ll be in the hands of a top-quality, competent, and caring dermatology professional.

How does DocBright work?

DocBright works by allowing patients to submit information about their medical condition along with pictures and other supporting information to healthcare professionals.

This information is then reviewed by a qualified healthcare provider who responds with diagnoses, comprehensive treatment plans, and prescriptions if needed.

When using DocBright, you’ll pay a low fee for using our platform and a profesional fee that goes to the provider assigned to your case. The total cost comes out to $49 when submitting your SimpleSubmit™ form. There are no additional fees to use DocBright and you don’t need to have or use health insurance with our platform.

What if I need to speak with my provider after our consult?

We pride ourselves on patient access, so just because you’ve completed your virtual consult with your provider doesn’t mean you can’t contact them. All DocBright users will have access to their provider for up to 7 days after their submission so that if follow-up questions, changes to your condition, or other concerns arise, you can get in touch with your healthcare expert.


What are "Smart Forms"?

DocBright’s smart submission platform makes it easy for patients to submit the information that our provider’s need in order to complete a comprehensive “virtual visit” quickly, securely, and thoroughly.

Our platform is built on Smart Forms which include dynamic questions and photo uploads.

Does DocBright replace in-office visits?

While DocBright is great for hundreds of visit types, DocBright should not be considered a replacement for an in-office visit with a healthcare provider. If our team determines that your submission requires an in-office visit, we may refer you to visit a physical medical facility.

DocBright should not be used in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, you should dial 911.

How much does DocBright cost?

*$49 per visit. That’s it!

The $49 flat-fee covers one submission on our platform ($19 Technology Fee per submission) + the Provider Professional Fee ($30 Professional Fee per submission). If you have multiple visit reasons, multiple submissions may be required. If you need to communicate with your provider after a submission, this is included in your initial fee. No nickle-and-diming!

Typical visits include submission of our comprehensive SimpleSubmit™ form, diagnoses, treatment plan(s), prescriptions if needed*, follow-up communication with your provider.

*Prescriptions are sent to your preferred pharmacy, and your insurance can be used to pay for these prescriptions. Cost or fees may apply for filling prescriptions based on your insurance plan and pharmacy. Prescription costs are not associated with DocBright in any way.

Is DocBright secure?

Yes! DocBright uses HIPAA compliant forms for submitting PHI (private health information) so that your privacy is protected. 


Complete care for all conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.

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