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What Makes DocBright Different

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When it comes to finding the best Telehealth platform, provider, or service, there are many options. Some of the most-popular Telehealth and Telemedicine platforms today include DocBright, Teladoc, DermatologistOnCall, CallOnDoc, and more.

At DocBright, we put you first, which means we want you to get the best care possible, so to help make your decision a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and outlined what we think makes us different from the pack.

Personal, Efficient Telehealth

When we set out on our mission to create the best Telehealth experience on the planet, we first asked the patients: What are the best experiences you’ve had in healthcare? 

We didn’t focus on Telehealthcare, instead, we focused on the entire healthcare experience. We heard over and over again that the most important aspects for patients are:

  1. Quality Care – Simply put, the providers need to be the best in their fields.
  2. Personal Experience – Patient’s who have a strong relationship with their provider’s were more loyal and had better short and long-term outcomes.
  3. Affordability – Insurance or cash didn’t matter to most, affordability is more simple than one option over the other, it just needed to be accessible and affordable.
  4. Efficiency – Patient’s don’t understand why going to the doctor is synonymous with waiting, and we agreed.

How DocBright is Solving Patient’s Problems

We set out to cure the headaches (pun-intended), that patients described to us. We did it first by listening, then by building – the best Telehealth platform on the planet.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Quality Care – We only choose the best providers for our platform. They need to be highly-rated in their fields and they need to maintain the high standards that DocBright holds.
  2. Personal Experience – You’ll notice that with every submission, you know your provider’s name and personal contact information right away. Care is personal, and communication directly with your provider should be easy. No gatekeepers, no phone queues, not answering services. 
  3. Affordability – At only $59 per submission, patient’s pay less than the average office co-pay required even when using insurance, and there are no headaches with reimbursements, deductibles, billing, or co-insurance costs.
  4. Efficiency – With a guaranteed 24 hour response time from the time a submission is complete, you can’t beat the efficiency of our platform. You have a problem today, and a solution this time tomorrow. 

There’s so much more to what makes DocBright special, but we can’t give away all of our secrets! We save those for making magic moments happen every day for our patients. Just check out what our patients have said on TrustPilot.

We are so confident in our experience, that we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Didn’t have a positive experience? We don’t care why, just email us and get a full refund, no questions asked.

We know you have a choice when it comes to your healthcare, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to help make your day a little better through peace of mind, effective care, and the best healthcare experience on the planet.

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