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Why We Launched DocBright Telehealth

The reason we decided to launch DocBright is a simple one. We felt that healthcare was behind the curve when it came to innovation and ease of access. Why is it so simple to head to whenever we want or need anything and get it delivered to our doorstep without having to leave home, but, when it came to seeing a Doctor or other healthcare provider we have to get in a car, hop on the train, head into an office, sit, wait, and, then get care? It just didn’t make sense to us. Thus, DocBright Telehealth was born.

Where it all started

DocBright was started on a couch with a MacBook Pro and a cup of coffee. The same setting where many of our patients connect with their healthcare providers. We were born out of our family-run New York dermatology practice Mandel Dermatology.

At Mandel Dermatology, we live by our motto “Treat all patients like family” and we live by the same truth here at DocBright. We believe it is important to provide top-quality care through top-rated providers, but also to treat our patients like our family members.

Why it all started

Patients often asked us why they couldn’t get quick care between visits or get care remotely when they had quick questions or otherwise couldn’t physically come into our office. We realized that they were right. We started work on a Telehealth solution, that ultimately would become accelerated due to to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic accelerated DocBright

Our team of passionate innovators and healthcare professionals was already working hard on building the DocBright platform when the global Coronavirus pandemic struck with little warning. That’s when we realized we needed to kick our project into high gear and launch to the nation as soon as possible. Just one week later, DocBright’s platform was operational and connecting its first patients with quality dermatologic care.

DocBright Today

Now, we are connecting patients and providers on a daily basis. On average, it takes patients only 3 minutes to submit our Telehealth form, and providers respond within 24 hours giving patients a full diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescriptions if needed.

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