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DocBright Telehealth & Telemedicine FAQs

Frequently asked questions about DocBright and Online Dermatology.

What is DocBright?

DocBright is a modern Telehealth platform built for patients and providers. Our goal is to give patients access to quality care without having to step foot in a medical office. DocBright was launched initially for Dermatology.

Our platform aims to be simple, secure, and thorough. Our providers are thoroughly screened, certified, and highly qualified. DocBright was founded by both patients and providers ensuring that we are always focusing on the improvement of healthcare.

Can you treat a minor (patient under 18 years old)?

Yes! We can treat patients of all ages. When you start your submission, you will see a question that asks you for your patient's age. If they are under 18, you will be asked to sign a treatment consent form as one of the last submission steps.

Does DocBright accept major medical insurance plans?

With DocBright, you'll pay an affordable $59 flat-fee. This is similar in cost to the required co-pay when seeing an in-person dermatologist when using your insurance. You can always attempt to submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement, and insurance can always be used for your medications.

Can DocBright providers prescribe oral minoxidil, Propecia, or Finasteride for hair loss?

Yes! DocBright providers are able to prescribe medications  like oral Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Propecia for hair loss when it is deemed medically necessary and safe by your provider.

What if I don't have insurance?

That's okay! DocBright was built to be accessible to everyone. All you'll pay is a low, $59 flat fee, and your provider will prescribe medications that are affordable without insurance.

What is the difference between Telehealth & Telemedicine?

Telehealth and telemedicine are terms that are often used interchangeably. 

How does DocBright work?

DocBright allows patients to quickly submit pictures and supporting information about their medical condition to healthcare professionals.

This information is then reviewed by a qualified healthcare provider who responds with diagnoses, comprehensive treatment plans, and prescriptions if needed.

Submissions on DocBright cost $59. The cost is inclusive of a low fee for using our platform and a professional fee that goes to your provider. There are no additional fees to use DocBright and you don't need to have or use health insurance with our platform.

I don't have a web camera. Can I still do a DocBright visit?

Absolutely! Our easy to use technology doesn’t require any live interaction. All you need is a camera to snap photos of your condition. Most mobile phone and tablet cameras are sufficient for photos of your condition. Our providers may request additional photos as necessary to properly diagnose your condition.

What if I need to speak with my dermatologist after our consult?

We pride ourselves on patient access. All DocBright users will have access to their provider for up to 7 days after their submission so that if follow-up questions, changes to your condition, or other concerns arise, you can get in touch with your healthcare expert.


Does DocBright replace in-office visits?

While DocBright is great for most visit types, DocBright should not be considered a replacement for an in-office visit with a healthcare provider. If our team determines that your submission requires an in-office visit, we may refer you to visit a physical medical facility.

DocBright should not be used in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, you should dial 911.

What is Teledermatology not effective for?
If you need a full body exam, or full body scan, Telemedicine is not a viable option to replace an in office visit. If you have one, or a few marks that need to be looked at, Teledermatology may still be a good option.
How much does DocBright cost?

*$59 per visit. That's it!

The $59 flat-fee covers one submission on our platform ($29 Technology Fee per submission) + the Provider Professional Fee ($30 Professional Fee per submission). If you have multiple visit reasons, multiple submissions may be required. If you need to communicate with your provider after a submission, this is included in your initial fee for up to 7 days after case submission. 

Typical visits include submission of our comprehensive medical form, diagnoses, treatment plan(s), prescriptions if needed*, and follow-up communication with your provider.

*Prescriptions are sent to your preferred pharmacy, and your insurance can be used to pay for these prescriptions. Cost or fees may apply for filling prescriptions based on your insurance plan and pharmacy. Prescription costs are not associated with DocBright in any way.

Is DocBright secure?

Yes! DocBright uses HIPAA compliant forms for submitting PHI (private health information) so that your privacy is protected.

DocBright is also a LegitScript certified telemedicine platform. Learn More >>

I'm a dermatologist. Will I get new patients by using DocBright?

You bet! At DocBright, we market and advertise our platform and our providers which allows us to have a steady stream of new and follow-up patients using our platform. All DocBright providers benefit from our wide reach, and it doesn't cost you anything. DocBright covers the cost of all marketing and advertising. Head over to our provider interest form to fill out your details so that a member of our team can reach out to you to get you set up on our platform.

I'm a dermatologist. How can I offer DocBright to my patients?

We would love to have you join our network of dermatologists using DocBright. Head over to our provider interest form to fill out your details so that a member of our team can reach out to you to get you set up on our platform.

Can my DocBright provider treat me with Isotretinoin (Accutane)?

Isotretinoin (also known as Accutane) is a potent medication and treatment regimen that needs active monitoring. As such, it cannot be prescribed remotely by providers using DocBright. Our providers are highly experienced in treating first with topical regimens, that may eliminate the need for Isotretinoin.

I have another question that isn't listed here.

No problem! We are here and happy to help. Simply email us at and our team would be happy to help.

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