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Getting Started

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Choose a Specialty and "Visit" Reason

After selecting a specialty, you'll be directed to choose what you'd like to address for your "visit."

Fill Out Our SimpleSubmit™ Telehealth Form

Our SimpleSubmit™ form makes it easy to answer the right questions so you get thorough and complete care.

Get the Quality Care You Need When You Need It

Our top-rated and qualified providers will give you the comprehensive care that you need, within 24 business hours.

What's Included & When to Expect It

Get dermatology diagnoses, treatment plans, and prescriptions quickly. If you're looking to work with a Registered Dietitian, get nutritional insight, dietplans, and other personalized guidance.


  • Within 15 minutes

Your provider receives your submission securely.

  • Within 24 hours*

You'll receive a diagnosis & treatment plan via email.

  • Within 24 hours*

Your prescriptions (if needed) will be sent to your pharmacy.

  • Up to 7 days after submission

Reach out to your provider with any follow-up questions.

Diet & Nutrition

  • Within 15 minutes

Your Registered Dietitian receives your submission securely.

  • Within 24 hours*

You'll get initial contact via email.

  • Within 5 Days

You'll receive a comprehensive written diet plan (if added).

  • Up to 7 days after submission

Send follow-up questions to be answered.

*Many providers respond on weekends, but submissions submitted between 4pm on Friday and 9am on Monday may not be responded to until Monday.

**Additional fee applies for comprehensive written diet plan add-on. 

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